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The gasket can be defined as an element that serves to securely connect pipe and / or other joints. Metal-to-metal sealing is best, and when we can’t achieve that we need to put something between those two metals (flanges) - that something is called a gasket. They can be made of various materials. The choice of material from which the gasket will be made depends on a number of parameters: dimension / shape / standard, operating parameters such as temperature and pressure, type of medium, required documentation,…  

With the development of technology, a wide range of sealing materials has been developed, covering all possible parameters. Historically, asbestos materials have been popular, but Directive 1999/77 / EC prohibits all use of asbestos and new, asbestos-free sealing materials have been developed. The transition was demanding and complicated, as no one wants to change what satisfies, and suddenly there was a whole range of different materials on the market that individually have significantly smaller sealing areas than the ones users have learned about.

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Brtvila-Komerc was kind of  a pioneer of new, asbestos-free materials and new sealing technologies in our area, primarily due to the excellent cooperation with the American and  European companies that were innovators in the field of sealing materials. In a relatively short period of time, we introduced new materials and technologies to the market and succeeded to our customers  ensure a painless transition to new sealing technologies and materials.


Gaskets are used in all plants, factories, plants, cars, engines, ships, all possible pipelines, oil pipelines,… wherever there is a need  for joining joints. In everyday life, for those who are not technical professionals, gasket will be found in the faucet, radiator, washing machine, car engine, boat,…


Since sealants serve to strengthen joints and prevent leakage of various media that can be dangerous to humans and the environment, it is extremely important to choose the right gasket from the appropriate material. Regardless of the responsibility that gaskets have, sealing is in fact a simple job that requires only a little expert knowledge and the application of logic. The required dimension of gasket is given by the sealing surface, and the data that help us in choosing the material are given to us by the working conditions. Of course, with the further development of the market they emerged  and the so-called "Universal" gasket materials of very wide application which, if selected and used unprofessionally, and we have had numerous such cases, can lead to serious consequences  and damage to their environment.
Due to all the above, it is necessary to be well informed about the operating parameters and conditions, in order to select the appropriate sealing material, and to accurately measure the required dimensions. There are generally accepted standards with the required dimensions, and if a dimension outside the standard is required, it is important to accurately measure the required dimension.

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