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High-quality, flexible e-graphite tapes can be easily applied to all dimensions and shapes.  

Two types are available: flat e-graphite tape and pleated / serrated e-graphite tape.

Operating conditions: temperature: -240 / + 450  ° C (650 ° C vapor), density: 0.7-1.0 g / cm³, pH 0-14, pressure: 100 b

Areas of application: as a filler for SWG, sealing of pumps and valves on site, in the production of graphite sealing rings in the mold, cladding material for kamprofile gaskets, as a filler for seals with a metal layer, seals for static filling, ...



Easy and simple installation:

egraf trake upute 04.JPG
egraf trake upute 01.JPG
egraf trake upute 02.JPG
egraf traka.JPG
egraf trake upute 03.JPG


The braided tube, flat looking, contains pure expanded graphite.  

Scope:  -240 / + 450  ° C, for steam sealing up to 650 ° C, pH 0-14, up to 300 b

Adjustable sealing material for static seals, has excellent temperature resistance and can be used with most media.


It is available in various dimensions: 15x4, 25x3, 20x4, 25x4, 25x6, 32x6, 38x6, ....

Comes with and without self-adhesive backing, without and with wire reinforcement. It is used as a static sealant for metal and non-metal flanges, covers, reactors, autoclaves, heaters. They are adorned with simplicity of form: due to the flexibility of expanded graphite, it will adapt perfectly to any substrate and size.





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