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ePTFE tapes (tapes from expanded PTFE) 

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ePTFE tapes, thanks to the excellent characteristics of expanded PTFE, are an excellent solution for fast and efficient sealing of irregular or  demanding flanges. The flat strip is transformed by pressing the flanges into a thin wide strip that fills all the irregularities and cracks on the surface to be sealed. It does not decompose and does not deteriorate.

Area of application: temperature  –240 to + 270 ° C, chemically stable to all acids, alkalis, solvents, gases and metals, except fluorine and alkali metals. Oxygen resistant up to 100 kp / cm2, pH 0-14.

Available in a variety of sizes and widths, a large amount of the most commonly used dimensions are in stock.

Installation is easy with self-adhesive paper-protected tape. After the paper is peeled off, the tape is glued to the sealing surface and the ends of the ePTFE tape are folded. For larger damages / irregularities, a wider and / or thicker tape should be used. In the case of ceramic, glass and other breakable flanges, the ends of the strip should not be folded, but should be cut or notched obliquely, and the ends should be placed on top of each other.

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Methods of cutting / joining ePTFE tape. The joint is always in front of the screw

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