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The quality of the material is extremely important for the success of the sealing. That is why our continuous mission is to make gaskets from the highest quality materials, covered with certificates. The same goes for products that are not part of our production. The vast majority of our suppliers are among the most prominent European and world leaders in the field of sealing and sealing technologies. Our mutual cooperation and trust lasts more than ten  years, and with some much much longer. Precisely because of this long-term quality cooperation, we can guarantee our customers that our seals are made of quality materials.  

We are constantly looking for new suppliers, new materials, so that we can respond to every request that the customer puts in front of us.


Flexitallic Group is a leader in innovation in the market of sealing materials and sealing technologies. They offer quality and efficient sealing solutions for  all situations. Back in 1912, they invented spirometal gaskets, and over the years they perfected a number of other products and materials to ensure clean, environmentally friendly and efficient sealing. Thermiculite®, Sigma® and Change® are just some of the brands that have introduced significant changes in sealing in the areas they cover ...   FIND OUT MORE

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As a member of the large EnPro family, Garlock has positioned itself as a leader in products for sealing the most demanding situations, with a special emphasis on safety, longevity and productivity. With a past that goes back 125 years, today Garlock is present globally in a number of manufacturing and distribution facilities, enabling them to respond quickly and ingeniously to the challenges that customers face.   BLUE-GARD®, GYLON®, MULTI-SWELL ™, GRAPH-LOCK®, GYLON BIO-LINE®, are recognizable names on the world market. FIND OUT MORE

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The Teadit group stands behind sealing materials which are very popular in making sealants for the needs of our market. In addition to NCAF materials, they invest heavily in the development of sealing braids and PTFE and expanded PTFE products. Their motto is "safe sealing for a green tomorrow", and under this motto they are constantly investing in new materials, products and other sealing solutions. NCAF NA-1002, NA-1005, NA-1006, NA-1122, GR1520, 24SH, 30SH, 24B, 24BB, 24HD, Monotype 12, are just some of the recognizable brands behind this strong group ... LEARN MORE

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