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As a member of the large EnPro family, Garlock has positioned itself as a leader in products for sealing the most demanding situations, with a special emphasis on  safety, longevity and productivity. They develop their products in collaboration with end users, industry associations and government agencies, both  would understand their specific sealing challenges and respond to them with innovative solutions that make people’s people safe while increasing profitability.  

With a past that goes back 125 years, today Garlock is globally present in a number of manufacturing and distribution facilities, allowing them to

respond quickly and ingeniously to the challenges users face. Great emphasis is placed on environmental protection, especially nowadays where

the effects of climate change are very much being felt.


Let's just mention  some of the world-renowned and recognizable Garlock products:  sealant materials:  BLUE-GARD®, GYLON®, MULTI-SWELL ™, GRAPH-LOCK®,  seals type: STRESS SAVER®, TUFF-RAIL®, GYLON BIO-LINE®,   packings and pump sealing sets, ONE-UP® Diaphragms, KLOZURE® Oil seals, CHEVRON® V-ring packing and GARTHANE® seals,  KLOZURE® MECHANICAL SEALS,  CARTRIDGE SEALS,  Butterfly Valves,…  

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Find more information at  their website here

At the beginning of 2020, we became their partners for the Croatian market, and, if you have any questions or needs for Garlock® products,
feel free to contact us.

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