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The quality management system we apply is based on the processes of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and aims to fully meet the requirements for the quality of services and processes. We make continuous efforts to raise quality and develop quality management systems.  


Focus on the needs and satisfaction of customers with the work performed, speed and quality of realized products and services, are the most important values against which we measure and we determine our overall performance in the field of gasket production and trade in sealing and insulating materials.



In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen these values, we continuously improve the technological equipment, employ professional and ambitious employees who are constantly developing and improving their knowledge and skills and follow global trends in production and apply them in their work. We have enabled two of our employees to take the master's exam for the title of "master turner", and we will certainly continue to educate our employees in the future.


In addition to our products, as well as the products of our suppliers, we enclose the necessary documentation (standard according to EN 10204 2.2, on request and more). 

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