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Gaskets, gasket and insulating materials for the construction and maintenance of boilers and boiler plants:


flange gaskets (graphite materials), gaskets for safety valves (Cu, LEG)


gaskets for gauge glass (soft graphs and ePTFE, silicone rubber), manloh gaskets (braided, klingerite, graphite, spiral wound)


smoke chamber lid gaskets (insulating packings / tapes, soft sealing materials)


valve gaskets (finished gasket rings sets, packings: round and square, graphite, PTFE, reinforced),


pump sealing (ready-made sealing rings, graphite, PTFE, cotton-grease packings)


sealing sleeves (graphite, PTFE)


insulation (ceramic wool, cloth and tapes from glass fibers and ceramic fibers reinforced with SS wire, with or without Al - foil on one side).

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