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PTFE (PolyTetraFlourEthylene)


PTFE  stands out especially as a sealing material through its universal high resistance to chemicals. Temperature resistance from -240 to + 270 ° C, short-term up to 300 ° C. An exceptional feature of PTFE is "non-stick", it will not pick up any media / impurities, so it stays clean when used. Lots of types, shapes and a wide range of applications.

Filled PTFE: standard properties are modified with special additives, such as glass fiber, carbon, graphite, MoS₂,  bronze,…
Available in sheets, rods, pipes… we have a lot of dimensions and shapes - PTFE gasket production is a significant part of our production

ePTFE (expanded PTFE): Pure PTFE has been transformed by expansion into a molecular, taut fibrous structure with outstanding sealing properties. Plastic adaptability with excellent cold stabilization that eliminates cold flow and gradual leakage of normal PTFE. Highly tear resistant, soft and flexible. Available in boards thicknesses from 0.5 to 9 mm (ePTFE sheets), tapes of different densities (ePTFE TAPES), with Certificates Ta Luft, WRAS, DVGW, FDA, BAM
    TEADIT 24SH     24B      24BB      24HD      25BI      25BF


Structured PTFE: Pure PTFE filled with various additives: glass powder, barium sulfate, silica - thus increasing the mechanical properties to the specific sealing needs of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Application range -210 to +260 ° C / 83  bar, pH 0-14, with Certificates Ta Luft, Blow-Out test VDI 2200, FDA, Germanischer Lloyd, BAM, USP Class VI,…

TEADIT TF  1510  1570  1580  1590      GARLOCK GYLON  3510  3504

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