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Flexitallic ®  group is leader in innovations on the market of sealing materials and sealing technologies. They offer quality and efficient sealing solutions for all situations. Back in 1912, they invented spirometal gaskets, and over the years they perfected a number of other products and materials to ensure clean, environmentally friendly and efficient sealing.  The experience and knowledge they have gained over the decades puts them at the very top of companies developing sealing solutions for industries around the world, and through the academies they organize they pass on the acquired knowledge to future generations. 

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Thermiculite®, Sigma® and Change® are just some of the names that have introduced significant sealing changes in the areas they cover. Flexitallic® is a world leader in static sealing solutions and is ready to follow the customer from the beginning of the construction of the plant and throughout its life. They also provide full technical and management assistance in the event of a plant shutdown due to an overhaul or any other reason why the suspension is necessary. It is their experience and invaluable expertise that enable them to have a solution for even the most demanding seals.

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Since May 2018, we have been Flexitallic's partners for Croatia and have been cooperating successfully ever since. At the moment, their most popular on the Croatian market  the product are spiral-wound gaskets, which at all times  we have several tens of thousands in stock (standard dimensions by EN and ANSI), and several hundred  thousands of them have already been installed in plants all over our beautiful country.  

For more information feel free to contact us or visit their website here

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