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This type of gasket is used in places where safe sealing of special industrial media such as water and gas is required, under normal temperature, pressure and pressure conditions. Depending on the type of elastomer used, with low sealing force safely seals water, gas, air, acids, alkalis and hydrocarbons at temperatures up to 200 ° C. 

gumene brtve s čeličnim umetkom

The biggest advantages of gaskets of this type are their adaptability, durability and longevity, and once properly installed between the flanges, there is no need for frequent opening and replacement of gaskets. This greatly reduces maintenance costs, provides security in the proper functioning of the pipe system and less often leads to cracks in the joints.


- excellent for use on flanges that have low surface pressure, which are not parallel

   or are irregular

- stable sealing in vertical flanges or in negative pressure systems

- suitable for plastic and fiberglass flanges

- Available certificates: DIN-DVGW and KTW

We continuously keep standard dimensions in stock in EPDM and NBR quality.



kosa brtva

narrow type

GST kosa
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