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TEADIT® 28LS-LE GASKETS - low stress for low emissions

TEADIT® 28LS-LE are a newer generation of gaskets manufactured from 100% pure, multidirectly expanded PTFE. These bio-compatible gaskets are designed for use in the pharmaceutical,  chemical and food industries. The diffusion barrier ensures an extremely high seal even with a slightly tight gasket.

- temperature: -240 ° C to + 270 ° C, pH 0-14 (exceptions are dissolved metal alkalis and elemental fluorine), pressure: from vacuum to 200 bar

- wide universal applications for all pipe applications

- suitable for all types of flanges, almost for all media

- wide temperature range with application at the highest purity requirements  

- inherently clean and suitable for CIP / SIP cycle (clean in place / steam   in place)

- outstanding mechanical strength that allows work with minimal   by yielding at elevated temperatures

- does not spread when tightened

- the diffusion barrier on the inner diameter increases significantly  

  sealing and reduces transverse  contamination and displacement

- resistant to aging and weathering

- Certifications: - FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 and EU 1935, - USP Plastic Class VI, TA Luft and Blow Out Test

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