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We use all types of technical rubber in thicknesses for flange gaskets, of different hardnesses, with the necessary Certificates of Application (for drinking water, food and pharmaceuticals, gases - ground, LNG, technical, self-extinguishing,...) The variety of applications of individual rubber / elastomer gaskets requires a number of different technical rubber materials that meet the required operating conditions.

These types of rubber are mostly used:

EPDM: for sealing drinking water, in pharmacy, food, utilities… black, white

SILICONE: in pharmacy, food, for high temperatures… transparent, white, red, soft

VITON: in pharmacy, sealing of technical gases,… for high temperatures and pressures, high hardness

NEOPRENE: in sealing crude, gas, self-extinguishing, type according to the area of application

NBR: oil resistant, for gas sealing,… good flexibility, resistance to aging and wear

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